Acti-Tech™ compatibilizer​
trademark of Nordic Grafting Company A/S (NGC)

Acti-Tech compatibilizer is a new and innovative range of products from NGC. They are manufactured through highly efficient melt-grafting processes, leading to high functionalization with controlled melt flow index (MFI) specifications. Key features of the product include: highly grafted monomer content, MFI adjusted for optimal dispersion, high flexibility, compatibility with all polyolefin, low free maleic acid content, etc. It can be customized to suit customers’ needs.

To view all technical specifications of Acti-Tech compatibilizer grades, please visit the Products page.

Click to download Acti-Tech brochure/leaflet.

Acti-Tech compatibilizer applications

Acti tech as performance booster of recycled feeds

Performance booster

Acti tech as soft compatibilizer for WPC or natural fiber compounds

Soft compatibilizer

Acti tech as sustainable solution

Sustainable solution

Acti-Tech compatibilizer - Industry solution



Wire and cable

Wire & Cable

Hoses and tubes

Hoses & Tubes



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