Wood-plastic composites

Biobased materials from renewable resources, such as wood, play a growing role in the sustainable development of society. Wood-plastic composites (WPCs) have emerged in the polymers industry as a solution to use wood processing residues in combination with a thermoplastic matrix, usually a polyolefin, recycled or not. Main challenges of WPC are their inherent moisture sensitivity, dimensional instability and service life. 

Acti-Tech™ compatibilizers: adding value to WPC solutions

Thanks to their Vistamaxx™ performance polymer backbone, Acti-Tech compatibilizers significantly enhance bonding of wood fibers with the polymer as well as mechanical properties of the resulting composite material, such as bending and impact strength.

The manufacturing of Acti-Tech compatibilizers uses a highly efficient melt grafting process, enabling high functionalization with maleic anhydride (MA) monomer and low volatile organic compound (VOC) content. MA groups react with the OH groups of wood fibers to produce a chemically stable compound.

Good coupling between filler and matrix ensured by Acti-Tech compatibilizers helps to considerably reduce water uptake, leading to improved dimensional stability and weather resistance. This feature is of particular value for outdoor applications, such as decking boards.
In addition, the elastomeric nature of the Vistamaxx performance polymer and its compatibility with PP provide for reduced stress whitening thus superior scratch resistance.

Available in a wide range of melt flow index (MFI) options, Acti-Tech compatibilizers display excellent processability which greatly facilitates optimal incorporation of fibers into the polymer matrix, process temperatures cause less damage to both base polymer and wood filler while the resulting higher molecular weight is reflected in the improved mechanical properties of the alloy.

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