Among the biggest issues with recycled plastic can be the inconsistency and poor quality of the material streams. Due to degradation or mix of incompatible plastics the mechanical properties can be severely reduced compared to virgin quality. A plastic can, when degraded, become incompatible with itself as the polymer configuration and chemical composition changes with degradation. Adding a compatibilizer will increase the homogeneity and improve mechanical properties.

Acti-Tech™ compatibilizer for recycling

Compatibility in the recycled material is important whether it is composed of a mix of plastics or not. The Acti-Tech compatibilizer product range offers both compatibilization and toughening of recycled plastics. The elastomeric nature of Acti-Tech compatibilizer help compensate for loss of impact properties and increase tensile strength by compatibilization.

Acti-Tech compatibilizer have shown improved dispersion and decreased domain size of polyolefin particles in a polyester matrix. Moreover, it demonstrates increased impact strength even at low temperatures compared to non-compatibilized mixture.

This was shown by technical documentation developed by ExxonMobil.

NGC acti tech recycling

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