Plastic Compounds

A variety of industries require higher performing compounds combining complementary features of engineering plastics and polyolefin (PO) materials. They ask for design flexibility, lighter weight and robust mechanical properties, while ensuring easy processing. Main challenges of such plastic compounds are optimal compatibility between their diverse components, robust mechanical properties as well as efficient conversion economics.

Acti-Tech™ compatibilizer: adding value to plastic compounds and alloys

Thanks to their polymer backbone, Acti-Tech compatibilizer come in a broad offering of flexural modulus solutions, ranging from 10 to 400 MPa. The resulting material will be highly flexible, softer relative to traditional grafted PO alternatives and effective in delivering enhanced impact strength of PP/engineering plastics alloys.

The manufacturing of Acti-Tech compatibilizer uses a highly efficient melt grafting process. As a result, it is capable of high functionalization with maleic anhydride (MA) monomer and low volatile organic compound (VOC) content. This enables significantly improved compatibility between key components of the thermoplastic alloy. Conversion efficiency is realized thanks to the excellent adhesion promoter role of Acti-Tech compatibilizers as well as lower loading levels required to ensure effective coupling.

Available in a wide range of melt flow index (MFI) options, Acti-Tech compatibilizer also display improved filler wettability and dispersibility versus regular MA-grafted polyethylene, which greatly facilitates optimal compounding of the desired final product.

NGC acti tech plastic compounds

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